I’m a creative at heart. Most things in my life start with an idea, lead to a project, and end up as something beautiful. Join me as I write about our family’s everyday moments where we unfold a life of intention, passion, and creative endeavors. I hope you find lots of inspiration to follow your heart, live fully where you are, and feel greater joy.

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From homemade pancakes to hand knit socks, my creative juices overflow the kitchen to almost every area of our lives. I love homemade meals & handmade things because they infuse a sense of love and nurture that makes a house feel like a home. 




We love to follow our passion when it comes to learning. Since we are raising boys the delight that directs our learning has plenty to do with dinosaurs & dragons, dirt & bugs, and a heavy dose of silly and weird. Read more about our homeschooling life.


Family Life

 Our family life is the heartbeat and rhythm that makes our world go round and there's no other group of people with whom I'd rather be. Read about our family adventures as we journal the joys of raising kids in the midst of a missional life.

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